Friday Five!

In this week’s “Fireworks” edition of Friday Five! we’re excited to be celebrating some of our independent authors just in the time for the Independence weekend! Author Jennifer Gooch Hummer shares her five flashlight-worthy reads on Fleur Philip’s novel Crumble was likened to a cup of espresso on Bella’s Bookshelf. Sara DiVello shares why a bad boss was one of the best things to happen to her on The Frisky. Steena Holmes’ novel Emma’s Secret was devoured by Hanging Off the Wire, and author T.L. Costa is on The Big Thrill discussing her debut novel, Playing Tyler. We hope everyone had a very lovely 4th of July.

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What am I reading: Elly in Bloom by Colleen Oakes
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1. Camp Reads for Kids

 Jennifer Gooch Hummer, author of the multi-award-winning novel Girl Unmoored, shared her five flashlight-worthy, sneak-reads for camp on









2. Like a Cup of Espresso – Small But Strong

Bella’s Shelf reviewed Fleur Philips’ award-winning novel Crumble and had this to say: “It reminds me of Espresso. A very strong drink in a very small cup. That’s the impact Crumble and its characters had on me.”











3. Terrible Bosses

Sara DiVello recently wrote an article for  The Frisky on why her bad boss experience turned out to be one of the best things that happened to her.








4. An Emotional Read

Emma’s Secret by Steena Holmes was reviewed by Hanging Off The Wire, who “eagerly devoured” the book and said, “It flows right along with the first book, and the story is every bit as gut-wrenching. I can’t imagine this happening to anyone in real life, but it does, and it is terrible. This story is very emotional, so be prepared with tissues!”

Emma's Secret by Steena Holmes











5. Maybe a Sequel?

T.L. Costa was interviewed by The Big Thrill about her debut novel, Playing Tyler, how she went about writing the book and revealed that she has 14 potential outlines for a sequel (but she hates all of them!).

Playing Tyler by T.L. Costa